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How To Use Beautifoot



Beautifoot can give your dry and cracked feet a smooth new look and feel, its like going back in time.

Beautifoot naturally exfoliates your feet. This gentle and effective process removes the unwanted dead skin cells that develop on everyones feet over time and the best part is that the process is almost effortless.

beautifoot wash feet1. First make sure your feet are nice and clean
2. Then remove the silver pouch from the box
3. Remove the booties from the silver pouch. All of the natural ingredients specialy formulated are already inside.
4. With a pair of scissors cut along the dotted lines.
5. Now you are ready to slip your feet inside. Use the provided sticker clips to secure the booties
6. Now its time to let the ingredients work through the dead skin cells. This takes 90 minutes so pick up a book or catch up on your favorite television show.
7. After 90 minutes, take off the booties and throughly wash the gel away.

Its that easy! Thats it!



beautifoot put on bootiesOver the next 4 to 7 days the dead skin cells will begin to peel away. It will all happen naturally, the results are real and you will be amazed at how soft your dry cracked feet will feel after just one application!

Say goodbye to your old cracked feet and say hello to Beautifoot!



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