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How To Remove Dead Skin From Your Feet

How To Remove Dead Skin From Your Feet

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Are your feet rougher and dryer than you’d like them to be? If the answer to this question is, “Yes”, then you need to know that dead skin is probably the reason why. Dead skin accumulates on our feet and it leaves them with a cracked, unattractive look which just doesn’t reflect good health!

Dead skin can be quite thick and removing it will be the key to restoring the beauty of your feet, whether you are male or female.

In order to make your feet look pampered and cared-for – and in order to ensure that they feel soft, supple and sexy - you will need to learn how to remove dead skin in a safe and reliable manner…luckily, this is just so easy to do, as long as you know a few simple tips and tricks!

Our detailed guide will offer you step-by-step instructions, as well as information about a range of products (home remedies and commercial formulas/devices) which are designed to streamline the process of dead skin removal.

Try These Step-by-step Process' Today

First, let’s talk about a step-by-step process which doesn’t require the usage of expensive gadgets and/or commercial creams. This “home remedy” approach is affordable, time-honored and designed to remove dead skin from feet without damaging these sensitive and important parts of your body!

The first step is soaking your feet in order to make the skin softer and easier to work with. This is a relaxing first step which should soothe your mind and chill you out! Use warm, rather than hot, water and wash your feet while you soak.

Choose a very gentle soap, as the harshest soaps may by excessively drying. Too much dryness via soap may lead to increased foot problems, including flaking and inflamed corns/calluses.

During the second step, use a pumice stone, which you may buy for a few bucks at any drugstore, in order to take away the uppermost layer of dense, dead skin cells. You should focus only on areas of your feet which are covered in dead skin – the tender, healthy skin on other parts of your feet should be left alone. It’s important to avoid healthy skin as using a pumice stone, which is naturally abrasive, on healthy skin may hurt it and trigger skin damage.

After step two is complete, rinse your pumice stone in order to remove accumulated skin cells. If you need to, repeat steps two and three until all dead skin is removed. Then, do a final rinse of the device in order to ensure that it’s clean for next time.

The fourth step in our dead skin removal process is about adding moisture to the feet. Therefore, you should rub in a moisturizer that you have around your home already or buy one specifically for this purpose. There are plenty of creams to choose from and they don’t need to be costly or fancy. For example, good, old-fashioned Vaseline, which is oil-based (petroleum jelly), will work well and so will other oil-based lotions, ointments or foot creams.
When you’re applying moisturizer, avoid the spaces between each toe, as these areas are breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus. It is better that these parts of the feet are able to breathe normally in order to promote optimal foot health (letting skin breathe deters unwanted bacteria/fungus growth).

During step five, put clean socks over your moisturized feet before you turn in for the evening. This treatment will work as you sleep by heating up the feet and allowing the moisturizer to penetrate very deeply.

When you get up in the a.m., take off the socks and then wash your feet with a mild cleanser, such as Dove soap.




Consider a Trip to Your Doctor’s Office

If our five-step treatment doesn’t do the trick, you may want to see your family physician. He or she will be qualified to perform a procedure which is known as debridement. Debridement is the process of cutting hardened portions of foot skin away with special medical tools.

Don’t try this on your own – it’s dangerous to attempt this procedure if you’re not a medical doctor! When a doctor performs debridement on your foot or feet, a little recovery time may be needed and you may need to wear special inserts which cushion your feet throughout the healing process. However, this shouldn’t cause undue interruptions to your lifestyle or trigger serious discomfort. This process can also be costly so proceed with caution.

Choose High-quality Footwear that Fits

If calluses are an issue, as they are for many people with a lot of dry skin on their feet, you should think about investing in better footwear. Poor fit is a common reason why calluses form in the first place and many shoe stores offer professional fittings of very good shoes, which are designed to offer an ideal blend of support, style and comfort.

In some instances, choosing orthotic shoes or orthotic shoe inserts may take pressure off your feet and stop the formation and/or growth of calluses.

In certain cases, operations may be performed which resolve underlying problems which trigger calluses. If you think you might benefit from such a surgical procedure, be sure to discuss your foot problems with your doctor.


Beautifoot Foot Exfoliator

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While a simple pumice stone, bar of mild soap, jar of Vaseline and pair of white cotton socks can help remove dead skin from most people’s feet, there is one product that can do it all in 3 simple steps the comfort of your home, is easy and safe to use and is extremely affordable.

Beautifoot Pedi-Peel
Beautifoot is a safe and easy way to remove the dead skin and odor from your feet with a simple 90 minute application. Beautifoot is formulated with natural botanicals to lift the dead skin from your feet leaving them soft, supple and beautiful. For more information please click here and learn about all of the benefits Beautifoot has to offer.

Use Our Expert Advice Today

Now that you know how to remove dead skin from feet, you’ll be able to get the smooth and sensuous look that you want. You should be proud of how your feet look and learning the secrets of dead skin removal will help you to feel more confident, whether you’re wearing sandals or going barefoot. In addition, our tips will promote overall long term foot health.




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