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What is Beautifoot?



Beautifoot Pedi-peel is an easy 60 to 90-minute treatment, used at home, to naturally exfoliate the dry and cracked skin from your feet 5-7 days after application.


beautifoot video what is beautifootBeautifoot is applied as a botanical peel through a “bootie” pre-filled with natural plant extracts to one or more locations of the foot, including but not limited to a heel, ball, metatarsal area, sides, and toes of the foot.


Beautifoot has been found to generally exfoliate callus foot tissue in an efficient, effective, and substantially pain-free manner and can reduce callus foot tissue remarkably more safely and thoroughly than conventional pedicure techniques. Beautifoot has conducted significant safety (Patch Test) testing at an independent laboratory where no adverse or other safety events were reported.


Beautifoot contains a special combination of natural fruit acids that gently loosen the connections between the keratinocytes (desmosomes) and allow for a gradual, yet gentle exfoliation – free of pain or skin abrasions. Once proper skin turnover is re-established with Beautifoot the keratinocytes can re-establish the moisture barrier and it is easier to maintain beautiful, smooth feet in an efficient, safe and controllable manner!


Our special formulation works by removing the dead layers of skin that build up from everyday life. Human skin is composed of three layers – the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat. The epidermis contains keratinocytes. The outer most layer of epidermis (cornified layer) contains dead keratinocytes that build up and usually exfoliate naturally over time. This cornified layer normally protects the foot from the environment as well as maintaining a moisture balance. Sometimes, excessive keratinocytes build up in certain areas for the foot from such causes as prolonged standing, sports, and from ill-fitting shoes. The excessive buildup of keratin can cause calluses and may lead to discomfort and accumulation of skin layers that promote foot odor. The extra keratin can lead to dry hardened soles and unsightly, cracked heels. Before Beautifoot it was very difficult to remove the dead skin layers with out unnecessary trauma – there were very few options … scraping forcibly with a pumice or visiting a nail salon – where a technician would forcibly scrape the skin with lightly sterilized tools – leading to risk of infection and bleeding. Beautifoot works by removing the dead layers of excessive skin in a natural and gentle fashion.



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